For maintaining our Annunciator you may need to change the lens of your system for reasons such as changing the text or repairing LED modules. Popping the lens out of your window is very simple thanks to our easy access design. The following instructions applies to these Annunciator and Alarm Light models: AI7525 Alarm Annunciators, AIS750 Alarm Annunciators, AR7525 Alarm Annunciators and L7525 Light Box. These models feature an easy pop out feature that is demonstrated in this video:

Both engraving and translucent film can be used for alarm labeling (alarm legends) on these Annunciators. It does not matter which method of labeling you use and both don’t require any special tools. Each window is surrounded with a plastic bezel. There is a small slot at the bottom of each window (under the plastic bezel) which allows a flat terminal screwdriver (small flat head screw driver) to be used to gently level the lens forward. Here is a step by step instructions on removing the bezel and lens of your Annunciator.

Step 1: Insert the screwdriver inside the slot between the windows and pop it up gently
Step 2: Remove the plastic bezel
Step 3: There is a small slot at the bottom of window
Step 4: Insert the screwdriver inside the slot and lever the lens forward
Step 5: Remove the lens
Step 6: Place the new lens inside the frame
Step 7: Put the screwdriver inside the slot and push the lens in
Step 8: Secure the lens back in place
Step 9: Clip the plastic bezel back in place by pushing all four corners of it until you hear a click sound

Here is a video demonstration of one of our technicians showing you the Annunciator lens replacement process. If you have any issues with maintaining your Annunciator panel please refer to your systems Manual which can be downloaded here. You can also contact our technical support.