APEX Automation solution is serving a wide range of industries as an alarm annunciator manufacturer. Different industries and applications use different names to call these products such as:

  • Annunciator panels
  • Alarm annunciator panels
  • Alarm panels
  • Alarm annunciators
  • Programmable alarm annunciator
  • Digital annunciator
  • Alarm monitoring system
  • Substation annunciator
  • Substation alarm
  • Door annunciator
  • Door monitor
  • Building annunciator

Depend on the system architecture needed, its is also called as:

  • Integrated annunciator
  • Split annunciator
  • Remote annunciator panel
  • Compact Annunciators

Control panel makers and panel integrators call these products as:

  • Control panel annunciator
  • Self-contained annunciator
  • Stand-alone annunciator
  • Light boxes
  • Lamp cabinet
  • Lamp boxes
  • Indication panels
  • Microprocessor based alarm annunciator

While these days, they are mostly called as:

  • Serial Annunciator
  • Modbus Annunciator
  • DNP3 Annunciator
  • RS232 Annunciator
  • RS485 Annunciator