AIS750 Alarm Annunciator

The AIS750 is the most advanced alarm monitoring system designed to fulfill the requirements of all industries. The AIS750 Series Alarm Annunciator Panel is an integrated, full function, modular and dual operation mode system. It supports two operation modes:


Stand-alone (Standard) mode
In Stand-alone mode, the serial communication feature is disabled and system operates as a stand-alone Annunciator. No unique address needed for cards in this mode. All settings will be done by DIP switches and jumpers in this mode.

Serial Mode
This mode offers the best features when communication between the Annunciator and other devices is needed. The standard AIS750 supports RS485/RS232 Modbus port, RTU-Slave protocol. Optional protocols such as DNP3 are also available.
In Serial mode, each card in the system has its own unique address and system configuration should be done through ALCON software. Selection of features is on a per channel basis with no special tools or programming knowledge required. System can communicate with other Annunciators and devices such as DCS, SCADA, PLC, computer, printer and more.

Whatever the size or complexity of your alarm scheme, the AIS750 Alarm Annunciator Panels can be configured to provide the best solution. This Annunciator is made of universal cells being 75 x 50mm and comprising one large window, two medium (Vertically or horizontally) or four small windows with an installed depth of only 145mm. These windows can be assembled in an array in any number of rows and columns required. Each window is illuminated by maintenance free “plug-in” LED Modules. These LED Modules come in different colors. Bi-color LED Modules are also available for medium size windows. The aluminum encasing allows for the best available heat dissipation ability, and at the same time affords a luxury appearance

System Features:

  • Integral Alarm Annunciator (display and controllers all in one package)
  • State-of-the-art, full function, modular and multipoint Alarm Annunciator
  • All sizes configurable
  • Shallow installed depth (145mm)
  • Supports Modbus RTU, DNP3 (RS485l or Ethernet) and many other protocols
  • Up to 15 Annunciators can be connected
  • Two Operation Modes (Stand-alone and Serial)
Fully field configurable (Manually or by software)
  • Optically isolated Inputs
  • Field selectable Input setting (NC or NO, Dry Contact or Voltage)
  • Nine different output types
  • Individual channel Repeat Relay
  • Alarm labeling: Engraving / Translucent film
  • Standard Lens Colour: White, Red
  • Standard LED Colour: Yellow, Red, Green
  • Backlit Illumination by 120 degree high bright, long life removable LED Modules
  • Bi-color LED Modules are also available for medium size windows
  • Supports 4 built-in and 4 external pushbuttons: Acknowledge, Reset, Test, and Mute
  • Supports all Sequences of ISA-S18.1
  • Mounting: Panel (Flush) mount

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