AIC400 Alarm Annunciators

The AIC400 is the most cost effective compact Annunciator using the latest technology. With a unique design that offers flexibility in parameter configuration and easy operation.


AIC400 is a combination of traditional annunciation with new technology.

This combination makes AIC400 a compact but versatile device easy to install and easy to expand.

AIC400 is an ideal solution where full functionality is required in the face of restricted space and limited budget.

This product is programmable via a USB port in just a few seconds.

System Features:
– Integral logic controller
– Various sizes from 12 to 48 channels
– Optional Bi-color LEDs
– Optional Mixed-color LEDs
– Field selectable Input setting (NC or NO, Dry Contact or Voltage)
– Integral Pushbuttons (Acknowledge, reset, Test, and Mute)
– ISA-S18.1 Alarm sequence programmable
– Easy configurable via USB port in just a few seconds
– Field-configurable labels on translucent film
– Seven different output types
– Individual channel Aux. Relays
– Input type: Dry Contact, Voltage: 24V, 48V, 120V, 250V (DC or AC)
– Power Supply: 24VDC, 48VDC, 120V and 250V (AC or DC)
– Very low power consumption for longer service with batteries
– Easily expandable for larger applications
– Bi-directional communication option
– Event recording feature
– Rack-mount and Panel-mount selectable
– Shallow installed depth (130mm)

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