AI7525 Alarm Annunciator

Most popular Alarm Annunciator Panel, the AI7525 is an ideal solution for monitoring your critical alarms regardless of the size or complexity of the system.


The AI7525 Series is an integral (display and controllers all in one package), modular, multi-point, full function, flexible and reliable Alarm Annunciator Panel and it is an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and applications, regardless of size or complexity of the alarm scheme. The modular construction allows for systems of almost any size with an installed depth of only 145mm (including display and electronics) to suit any application.

Units can be constructed in any number of rows and columns. Each window (75 x 50 mm) can be divided into 2 or 4 (vertically or horizontally) cells. Each window is illuminated by maintenance free “plug-in” LED Modules. These LED Modules come in different colors. Bi-color LED Modules are also available for medium size windows. The aluminum encasing allows for the best available heat dissipation ability, and at the same time affords a luxury appearance

System Features:

  • Stand-alone, Integral Alarm Annunciator (display and controllers all in one package)
  • State-of-the-art, Modular, multi-point, full function
  • All sizes configurable
  • Shallow installed depth (145mm)
  • Fully field configurable
  • Optically isolated Inputs
  • Field selectable Input setting (NC or NO, Dry Contact or Voltage)
  • Nine different output types
  • Individual channel Repeat Relay
  • Alarm labeling: Engraving / Translucent film
  • Standard Lens Colour: White, Red
  • Standard LED Colour: Yellow, Red, Green
  • Backlit Illumination by 120 degree high bright, long life removable LED Modules
  • Bi-color LED Modules are also available for medium size windows
  • Supports 4 built-in and 4 external pushbuttons: Acknowledge, Reset, Test, and Mute
  • Supports all Sequences of ISA-S18.1
  • Mounting: Panel (Flush) mount

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