Apex Automation Solutions: The Alarm Annunciator Specialists

Headquartered in North America with references in more than 40 countries, APEX Automation Solutions is a worldwide market leader in the design and manufacture of Alarm Annunciator equipment for a wide variety of applications. We provide custom Annunciator Panels and Light Boxes to monitor, display, and manage the alarm processing of industrial plants. We offer custom made solutions in revamping projects to replace the existing Annunciators to minimize the required modifications on existing enclosures and panels.

More than 35 years of involvement in various industries and applications has allowed APEX to develop high quality products to cover the technical specifications of different industry sectors such as:

– Nuclear Power plants

– Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical

– Wind and Solar Power plants

– Power generation and distribution

– Turbine and other rotary machinery

– Cement and Metal processing

– Fire and Gas Monitoring Systems

– Steam, Water, Cooling and Heating

– Mining, Paper & Pulp, and Pharmaceutical

– Telecommunications

– Access Control and Security Systems

– And many more

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