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APEX Automation Solutions is a worldwide market leader in design and manufacture of Alarm Annunciator Panels and Light Box displays (lamp box displays) along with other process alarm products and solutions. APEX has a long history of manufacturing quality and state-of-the art Alarm Annunciator Panels and Light Boxes for a wide range of industrial applications. With excellent mechanical design and technology, our Annunciators monitor and effectively manage alarms across variety of industrial plants. Our solutions are cost effective for both new and replacement projects.

With 35 years of experience, APEX Automation Solutions develops a wide range of Annunciation products to cover the technical specifications of different industries such as Nuclear Power plants, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power generation and distribution, Turbines and other rotary machinery, Cement and Metal processing and Fire & Gas Monitoring Systems.


The AIC400 is the most cost effective compact Annunciator using the latest technology. With a unique design that offers flexibility in parameter configuration and easy operation.

Fixed size, cost effective, reliable, integrated and maintenance-free light box suitable for small applications.

A modular, flexible and maintenance-free Light Box (Lamp Box) that can be made in any number of rows and columns. It comes in seven different window sizes and is available in single color, bi-color and triple color illumination.

A cost effective Annunciator, designed for small applications in space restricted areas with limited alarm points. Fully self-contained, panel mount with integral acknowledge, reset, test, and mute pushbuttons.

The AIS750 is the most advanced alarm monitoring system designed to fulfill the requirements of all industries. The AIS750 Series Alarm Annunciator Panel is an integrated, full function, modular and dual operation mode system.

Most popular Alarm Annunciator Panel, the AI7525 is an ideal solution for monitoring your critical alarms regardless of the size or complexity of the system.

Regardless of the complexity of your project, APEX has a solution for your Alarm Processing requirements. We can offer you solutions in the form of:
– Simple Light Box
– Full function local (Stand-alone) Annunciator Panel
– Full function local network of Annunciators communicating with each other
– Annunciators with communication option to connect to other devices or to be viewed remotely via a standard web browser

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