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Headquartered in Toronto Canada, APEX Automation Solutions is a worldwide market leader in design and manufacturing of Alarm Annunciator panels and light box displays (lamp box displays) and other process alarm products. APEX Automation Solutions have a long history of manufacturing quality and state-of-the art Alarm Annunciators and Light Boxes for a wide range of industrial applications. With excellent mechanical design and state-of-the electronics, our Annunciators, monitor and effectively manage alarms across variety of industrial plants.

The following are a few examples of industries using our products: Oil, Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Distribution, Steam, Water, Cooling / Heating, Cement, Mining, Paper & Pulp, Pharmaceutical, Metal Processing, Telecommunications, Fire and Gas, Security and access controls.

Integrated Alarm Annunciator Systems:

AIS750 Series: Integrated, Serial communication, fully field configurable (Manually or by software), full function, modular, multi-point, flexible and reliable Alarm Annunciator, designed to fulfill the requirements of all industries.   

AI7525 Series: Integrated, full function, modular, multi-point, flexible and reliable Alarm Annunciator, designed to fulfill the requirements of all industries.

AIWR Series: Cost effective solution, designed for the use in space restricted areas with limited alarm points. Fully self-contained, panel mount with integral acknowledge, reset, test, and mute push-buttons.

Split Alarm Annunciator Systems:

AR7525 Series: Split architecture, Modular multi-point, full function, flexible and reliable Annunciator designed to fulfill all the requirements of industrial plants.

ARWS Series: Split architecture, Full function, flexible and reliable Annunciator designed for applications with limited alarm points.

Light Boxes:

L7525 Series: Modular design, flexible and maintenance-free light box (lamp box)

LW Series: Cost effective, reliable, integrated and maintenance-free.

Alarm annunciators from Apex Annunciators - designer and manufacturer of alarm annunciators, annunciator systems, light boxes and other process alarm products.

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  • As mentioned above, APEX Automation solution is serving a wide range of industries as an alarm annunciator manufacturer.
  • Different industries and applications use different names to call these products such as;
    - Annunciator panels 
    - Alarm annunciator panels
    - Alarm panels
    - Alarm annunciators
    - Programmable alarm annunciator
    - Digital annunciator
    - Alarm monitoring system
    - Substation annunciator
    - Substation alarm
    - Door annunciator
    - Door monitor
    - Building annunciator
    Depend on the system architecture needed, its is also called as;
    - Integrated annunciator
    - Split annunciator
    - Remote annunciator panel
    - Compact Annunciators
    Control panel makers and panel integrators call these products as: 
    - Control panel annunciator
    - Self-contained annunciator
    - Stand-alone annunciator
    - Light boxes
    - Lamp cabinet 
    - Lamp boxes
    - Indication panels
    - Microprocessor based alarm annunciator
    While these days, they are mostly called as:
    - Serial Annunciator
    - Modbus Annunciator
    - DNP3 Annunciator
    - RS232 Annunciator
    - RS485 Annunciator


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